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The one who needs no introduction other than his name ‘Michael Jackson’. A well-known American singer, songwriter, dancer, and philanthropist who contributed a lot to music, dance and fashion.

Holding the essence, charm and beauty of Michael Jackson’s unique funky costumes and outfits, mjoutfits.com is providing you with the iconic outfits. Every apparel is a fine quality product designed to provide comfort and fashion outlook to adults, men and women.

Michael Jackson’s Costumes and Outfits

Besides music, Michael’s costumes and outfits are also iconic and is likely to inspire for decades. Jackson’s favorite outfits are usually sparkly including a military-style jacket, cropped trousers, a fedora, antigravity shoes or cowboy boots, white socks and a sequined white glove.

Our Products

At MJ Outfits, we offer different styles of costumes and outfits that Michael Jackson introduced in different events. Some of our products are,

MJ’s Jam Stain Jacket

The glimmering and sparkling Jam Jacket was an essential part of his attire while performing Jam. It gives a superb sparkling look. The Iconic Look from the Dangerous Tour The colorful jacket gives charm and charisma to the personality.

MJ’s The Military Jacket

The military jacket crafted with exaggerated shoulders and embellished with emblems and embroidery. It commands attention and gives an authoritative look.

MJ’s Blood on the Dance Floor

The red leather suit marks one of the most recognizable fashion designs in history. It gives a decent attractive look to the person.

Michael Jackson’s Beat it Costume

The mesh jacket is made with premium-quality faux leather and has a zipper closure. It can be used as a bold fashion statement.

Michael Jackson Thriller Outfit

It is most selling costume having a stand-up collar and a buttoned-down closure. It is considered one of the best Halloween costume staple today.

Michael Jackson Bad Outfit

The black jacket with silver straps on collars, sleeves and shoulders that the singer wore on his first solo tour was widely known as the “Bad jacket”. It gives strong Bad Boy looks.

MJ’s Legendary Billie Jean Costume

Billie Jean was the most popular song of Michael Jackson and undoubtedly his costume is iconic to have a legendary feel and look.

MJ’s Signature Costume from Smooth Criminal

The blue shirt with a white satin tie and tuxedo is a great combination and gives an elegant and decent look to the person wearing.

Jam Jacket with Armor and Belts

The black and golden combination in Jam Jackets gives the killer looks to the wearing person.

Golden Costume from History World Tour

The unique blend of golden and silver colors gives it a spectacular look.

I Wanna Rock with You Costume

The sequin exterior and silver coloring add an extra flair to the costume that gives sparkling charm to eyes.

MJ’s Simple and Stylish Black Suit

The typical black suit with a white shirt and a black bow gives a classic and decent look.

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